 Ramon Tejada   
is an independent

(New Yorkino  Dominican  Latinx  Afro-Caribbean  American)

designer and educator based in Providence, RI. He works in a hybrid design/ teaching practice focusing on collaborative design models.

His recent design research interest lies in the areas of disruption and puncturing of the Design Canon, inclusivity, diversity, collaboration and the expansion and openings of design narratives and languages beyond the “traditional” Westernized paradigm of design. A practice he has named as one of “puncturing.”

Ramon is an Assistant Professor at RISD.

He has taught in the graduate MFA Communication Design program at Pratt Institute; as well as at the undergraduate level at Parsons/The New School, in the MA at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) and at CUNY–Queens College. He has spoken and/or been a guest artist at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Otis College of Art and Design, The New School/ Parsons,  Ontario College of Art and Design, CalArts, University of Illinois–Chicago, Concordia University, Montreal, Emily Carr University, MassArt and Pratt Institute among others.

Recently, Ramon has been engaging in collaborative conversations about design, design pedagogy and shifting towards new paradigms as a teacher and designer. He has collaborated with Silas Munro in developing and running a workshop titled “Throwing the Bauhaus Under the Bus,” as well as engaging a series of forthcoming conversations with Brandon Waybright and Silas Munro on the forthcoming podcast Full Bleed.

He received an MFA in Graphic Design from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and an MFA in Performance Arts from Bennington College.

Ramon is a 2013 Graphic Design:
USA Designer to Watch.

He is also part of US
(with Nic Sanchez + Tom Ahn).

CV, upon request.

Communication Design, Lecture Series, The New School/ Parsons, Sept. 2020
Serious Business Conversations: Independent Non-Anglo Centric Resources, with Serious Business in Los Angeles, July 2020.
Communication Design, Lecture Series, The New School/ Parsons, Sept. 2020
Decolonizing Design Reader, pdf edition 2
Building Raices, Latinx Creatives Panel, led by Maria Useche with Erika Harrsch, Chat Travieso, Yara Travieso, Zuli Segura, and Hernán Ayala at Pratt Institute’s Communication Design Department, April 2020.
Present! v1.0.3. on group dynamics, dreams, design and education, April 2020.
Decolonizing Design Means Many Things to Many People— Four Practioners Discuss Decolonizing Design, Eye on Design, 2020.
Teaching Design Conversations, exhibition in Berlin, 2020.
—Decolonizing DESIGN a sermon on the hierachy of Design, Amalgam, op. II, 2019
A=B The Studio Practice Conference, Oct. 2019 @ Cranbrook Academy of Art.
Decolonizing Design, Imagining Alternative Futures, RISD Museum, April 2019.
We Must Topple the Tropes, Cripple the Canon, @Walker Art Center.
—What We Talk About When We Talk About Talking About Design, Eye on Design, Issue 3.
Decolonizing Design (research).
Sample of student’s work.

The work presented here has been created at various locations, cities and in cases in collaboration with colleagues and designers including: New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Philadelphia; Otis College of Art & Design, Nicolas Sanchez, Tom Ahn; The New School in New York, Parsons School of Design, Paula Giraldo, Ed Pusz; and Studio 1646 in LA.

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